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Puget Sound's Vital Signs

Scott Redman presents the keynote session on Puget Sound's Vital Signs.  Recovering the Puget Sound ecosystem, like maintaining one's health, can be supported by periodic monitoring of vital signs.  The Puget Sound Partnership coordinates the region's recovery efforts, using a shared measurement system of 25 vital signs.  Clustered under six broad categories, such as Species and Food Webs and Healthy Human Population, scientists have established recovery goals and indicators for each vital sign that communicate the progress made and where work still needs to be done.  Scott will describe current ecosystem conditions based on the vital signs and share progress toward the 2020 recovery goals adopted for a number of vital signs.  For a preview of the Vital Signs, check the Puget Sound Partnership website at


 Scott Redman

Scott Redman is the Science and Evaluation Program Director for the Puget Sound Partnership, a statewide agency coordinating the region's ecosystem recovery.  He has earned degrees in Chemistry and Environmental Science and spent almost 20 years working on Puget Sound recovery, especially coordinating the science to support those efforts.  Having grown up in the valleys of the inland Northwest, Scott retains his sense of wonder as he walks, cycles and paddles along the shores of south Puget Sound.