Who are Beach Watchers?

WSU Snohomish County Extension Beach Watchers are volunteers dedicated to protecting the Salish Sea through education, research and stewardship.  Each year, a new class of community members take 80 hours of intensive classes on 'all things Puget Sound' and return 80 hours of volunteer time in two years. Collectively, 104 Snohomish County Beach Watchers give back more than 6,000 hours of volunteer service annually.

We work with our partners to contribute meaningfully to Salish Sea protection.  Here are a few examples of our work:

  • collecting data on intertidal flora and fauna (extensive annual bio-assessment on 6 beaches, eelgrass along the intertidal zone, dead birds with COASST, juvenile salmon, forage fish egg collection, water quality collection...)
  • sharing what we know with people of all ages - as Beach Naturalists at local parks, as docents at nearby Aquariums and interpretative centers, as teachers inside classrooms; by planning special learning events for our neighbors; by giving talks and presentations throughout the county; by staffing booths at public events; by organizing events like Sound Living ...
  • cleaning up the beaches,  helping to plan for new stewardship areas like Port Susan, restoring streams, installing storm drain markers, ...

Sound Living is our largest educational outreach activity!  Our neighbors in Island County have been running Sound Waters, the model for this event, for over 15 years and fill a high school full of learners and teachers every February!  We aspire to that!  Sound Living is planned by Beach Watchers and their staff Coordinators, working as a team.   

You can find out more about Beach Watchers at our website at http://beachwatchers.wsu.edu/snohomish.

If you find the course offerings at Sound Living interesting, consider joining Beach Watchers - classes begin each spring - and more information will become available on our website in the new year.

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