Sound Challenges, Sound Choices

Puget Sound, and the larger Salish Sea of which it is a part, face unprecedented challenges. Despite increased environmental awareness and improved practices, our waters face a multitude of threats such as decades-old remnant pollutants and pressure from rapid population growth.  As research continues to support the presence of human-caused climate change, and its acceleration, the clarity of the strong link between changes in the atmosphere and changes in the ocean is growing.  Jeff will use a mix of story-telling and multi-media to explore not only the essential elements of climate change, but also its impact, now and in the near future, in the Pacific Northwest.


Jeff Renner

Jeff Renner is an Emmy award winning meteorologist and science documentary producer, acting as Chief Meterologist for KING Television for over 30 years.  He is the author of several books including Mountain Weather, Lightning Strikes and NW Mountain Weather.  Jeff holds degrees from University of Washington (Atmospheric Science) and University of Wisconsin (Science Journalism and Political Sciences).  Jeff also enjoys piloting aircraft, skiing, hiking, scuba diving, sail and photography.  He shares his rich background and experiences with audiences as diverse as the American Meterological Society, The Mountaineers, United States Armed Forces, boating groups, local, state and national search and rescue groups and state patrol.

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