Tim Carpenter

Tim Carpenter is the Curator of Fish and Invertebrates at the Seattle Aquarium, working with a variety of species for 20 years. He currently manages all aspects of the fish and invertebrate exhibits, including supervising a team of 10 aquarists and divers, coordinating animal acquisitions and research, planning and building new exhibitry, and overseeing the daily care and management of the Aquarium's collection.

* SL2016 - A.1 The Giant Pacific Octopus - Mysterious Denizen of the Salish Sea

Dr. Marc Hayes

Dr. Hayes is a research herpetologist (amphibian and reptile biologist) and a senior research scientist with the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife. He has spent the last 43 years prodding and studying frogs and salamanders in North and Central America. He currently lives with his wife, Brigette, and a suite of marked alligator lizards in Olympia, Washington.

* SL2016 - B.1 A Peek at the Mystery of Amphibians, Here and Around the World

Christopher Krembs

Christopher Krembs pursued his academic career as a biological oceanographer at several universities in Germany and the US, publishing in the field of marine microbial ecology. He received his PhD in 1999. From 2002-2008 he held a position at the University of Washington Applied Physics Laboratory. He has been the lead Oceanographer in the Marine Monitoring Unit since 2008.

* SL2016 - A.2 Local Effects of the Blob, La Nina and El Nino Explained

Rich Olson

Rich retired in 2006 after a 34-year career with the National Park Service, all at Olympic National Park. He held positions in aviation and fire management, natural resources management, and did extensive field work and planning for habitat restoration related to the Elwha River dam removals. He was intimately involved in field research on mountain goats and was the lead in the high-risk aerial capture and translocation program.

* SL2016 - C.2 Introduced Mountain Goats in Olympic National Park: Some Inconvenient Truths

Daniel Omdal

will present ...

* SL2016 - C.1 Forest Health in Western Washington - Climate Change and Forest Diseases

Jeff Renner

Jeff Renner is an Emmy award winning meteorologist and science documentary producer, acting as Chief Meterologist for KING Television for over 30 years. He is the author of several books including Mountain Weather, Lightning Strikes and NW Mountain Weather. Jeff holds degrees from University of Washington (Atmospheric Science) and University of Wisconsin (Science Journalism and Political Sciences). Jeff also enjoys piloting aircraft, skiing, hiking, scuba diving, sail and photography. He shares his rich background and experiences with audiences as diverse as the American Meterological Society, The Mountaineers, United States Armed Forces, boating groups, local, state and national search and rescue groups and state patrol.

* SL2016 - K.0 Sound Challenges, Sound Choices

Dr. Evan Sugden

Evan Sugden teaches entomology and beekeeping at the University of Washington. He has kept bees all his adult life, world-wide, and in many capacities. He was among the first producers of "mason bees" in Washington and continues to contribute to the industry. His beekeeping courses strive to educate a "new generation" of beekeepers and to instill appreciation of native pollinators.

* SL2016 - B.2 Native Northwest Pollinators

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